About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog about Law, Life and Los Angeles.

I love to read. I love to think. I love to help people. Combined, this makes the practice of law very enjoyable for me.

As I like to put it, I practice the yin and yang of law. I practice in two primary areas – the entertainment industry and estate planning.

Why both? The short answer is that I love both.

Here is the long answer:

One of my favorite words is “tension.” Not tension in the sense of a tense situation, but tension in the sense of two balancing forces causing tautness, or stiffness. Just as a bridge without tension crumbles, I believe in creating tension in my legal practice. Practicing in both entertainment law and estate planning helps me do this.

What is more weighty than the decisions people make in determining how they wish to be cared for in the event of any incapacity, or who they choose to act as a guardian for their minor children, or who they want to act as their executor or trustee, or who they wish to give their estate to upon their passing? These are among the most carefully considered questions people face in life. It is an honor to assist individuals and family in these matters, help them avoid probate, and help accomplish other estate planning goals.

On the other hand, what is more fleeting than entertainment? Movies, TV, music, books, art, etc., can be incredibly moving and meaningful. They are to me. The arts is the spice of life. But let’s be honest, the ratio of entertainment that moves us to entertainment that does not is incredibly small. When it comes to the things we need to survive, entertainment is low on the list. We want to relax in the evening so we watch TV, surf the internet, or play video games. We want to go out on the weekend so we catch a movie. We are stuck in traffic so we turn on the radio. We are waiting somewhere so we check the news or play a game on our phone or iPad. Much of this comes and goes in our lives without a second thought. But when we find that meaningful movie, song, or book, we are deeply moved.  And even when a work of art does not move us, chances are it moves someone else. It is an honor to assist those who create the art that moves us.

Between these two balancing forces in law – entertainment law and estate planning – my practice is constantly interesting, challenging, rewarding, fun, and maintains tensile srength. Thus, I practice the yin and yang of law.


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